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    April 27 - 29, 2015

            Waterloo PD & Hawkeye CC

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            Waterloo PD & Hawkeye CC

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    The CTK Group offers legally sound, research based courses that will challenge officers to develop and employ a winning game plan for interviews and interrogations.

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    Together, the CTK Group has trained over a thousand police officers, deputies, and investigators in interview and interrogation.

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    This spring, The CTK Group were guest speakers at the internationally attended 2014 ILEETA Conference in Chicago. During the week, our instructors partnered with PoliceOne to produce several informative videos on interview & interrogation that will be posted on their website in the near future.

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Our Goal Is To Get To The Truth
An Epidemic In Law Enforcement

Research shows police officers nationwide gain admissions and confessions only about 40 percent of the time. Put differently, when interviewing someone who has case facts that would incriminate himself, an officer is only able to get them to share those case facts a little more than a third of the time! That’s an epidemic.


Ignoring the problem won’t improve our success rate. “Refreshing” officers who were never properly trained from the beginning isn’t really training at all. And continuing to rely on outdated, unsupported and hard to remember training methods won’t bring officers any closer to the truth.


We believe in what we teach – so much that we promise we will be employing the exact same techniques when we step out of the classroom and return to our individual assignments. Join us for the best law enforcement training you’ve ever been a part of. We’ll work hard to help you achieve your goal of getting to the truth.


  • "I feel like topics which appear complex and confusing were simplified and presented in a very practical and useful manner.”
    - Muscatine County Deputy

  • "Instructors were three of the best I have ever had. Very knowledgeable of subject matter, but most importantly, presented information in a way that kept my attention."
    - Floyd County Deputy
Upcoming Events
  • April 27 - 29, 2015
    Waterloo PD & Hawkeye CC
  • May 27 - 28, 2015 *Advanced
    Waterloo PD & Hawkeye CC

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