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The CTK Group: Active Officers Helping Active Officers Find The Maximum Tactical Advantage Using Evidence-Based Interviewing and Interrogation

In 2010 The CTK Group was formed by three active police investigators who shared a passion to get to the truth and a frustration with ineffective training models and recycled misinformation. As Chris, Jon and Mike began to ask questions and look for answers in the most recent research, the current legal opinions and by working and talking with veteran officers - they found officers all over the country shared both their desire and frustration. Interview and interrogation training has almost universally been limited, outdated and not memorable or executable for officers when they find themselves in dynamic and high stakes interactions. A huge percentage of officers have tried to "fake it to make it" while feeling unsure legally and unprepared for the task at hand. The CTK Group vowed to be a research and training group made up of active police officers who exclusively trained active police officers to consistently employ the best game plan available regardless of the assignment, jurisdiction or type of crime - one that was ever evolving, always based on current research, that was court defensible and, most important, that would produce results. 

Upcoming Events
  • October 14-16, 2019
    CTK Fundamentals, Waterloo, IA
  • October 15-17, 2019
    CTK Fundamentals, Oswego, IL
  • November 18-20, 2019
    CTK Fundamentals, Bend, OR
  • December 9-11, 2019
    CTK Fundamentals, Round Lake Beach, IL
  • January 14-16, 2020
    CTK Fundamentals, Westmont, IL
About The CTK Group

The CTK Group has trained thousands of police officers from across the nation. We pride ourselves on being active investigators utilizing an evolving, court defensible game plan that you can use too!

Our training is empowering and interactive. We equip officers with the tools needed for success and the confidence to use them. Curriculum and course content change based on the most recent legal decisions and published research.

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