The CTK Group specializes in criminal interview and interrogation training for law enforcement, fire investigators, and correctional personnel. Always have, always will. We do not provide training for loss prevention, the insurance industry, or defense attorneys. This training focuses on legally-sound, research-based techniques for eliciting information from criminal defendants. We often collaborate with progressive law enforcement agencies who are interested in changing the stagnant culture of interview and interrogation.

The following is a list of local, state, and federal agencies and professional conferences that we have provided training for across the United States:


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"Absolutely a great job training. There are things that I am going to push my department to change after attending this course. This has made me see changes I need to make to my interview and interrogation process. Thank you!"

Oakley Police Detective

"The presentation, course material, and overall attitude of the instructors of this course was outstanding, among the most excellent of our profession."

Diplomatic Security Service Agent

"Fantastic class, based on the most comprehensive research that I have seen in the I&I field. Very well organized and the process itself is the strongest asset of the program!"

Kansas City, KS Detective
Upcoming Events
  • February 25-27, 2019
    CTK Fundamentals, Fort Worth, Texas
  • April 1-3, 2019
    CTK Fundamentals, Kansas City, Kansas
  • April 9-11, 2019
    Illinois State Police - Closed
  • April 15-17, 2019
    CTK Fundamentals, Franklin Park, IL
  • May 6-8, 2019
    CTK Fundamentals, Waterloo, Iowa
  • June 17-19, 2019
    CTK Fundamentals, Glen Ellyn, IL
About The CTK Group

The CTK Group has trained thousands of police officers from across the nation. We pride ourselves on being active investigators utilizing an evolving, court defensible game plan that you can use too!

Our training is empowering and interactive. We equip officers with the tools needed for success and the confidence to use them. Curriculum and course content change based on the most recent legal decisions and published research.

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